WNDA has Sarah Cox and many others to thank for being alive in its supportive establishment. Many people volunteer their time to help make the charity a most effective one. With your continual support we can allow many good and positive things to happen for our deaf and hard of hearing community. See below as to what WNDA currently do and go to their website to see how you can become more actively involved.

You can also download my song Rain In Starlight at www.YveMaryB.com/music-store or the WNDA.org.UK Site  In the next two weeks of which payment proceeds and donations goes straight to WNDA to reach out to each others sense of belonging and being and living in a positive world.

My long term aim is to learn to sign songs so I can be part of helping live music be accessible to the wider public. I believe sign interpreration to be an all important part of music. 


 Hearing Support Service

Enables people to make the most of their hearing aids and manage their hearing loss effectively. Find out more


Support Group and Sound Therapy Equipment demonstration and loan service. Find out more »

Deaf Community

Social and learning opportunities for those who's first language is British Sign Language. Find out more »


Supporting and empowering Deaf people to ensure their voice is heard. Delivered in British Sign Language, covering issues such as housing and benefits. Find out more »


Childrens Breakout Club

A fun-filled club for deaf and hard of hearing children and their siblings during school holidays. Find out more »

BSL Courses

Short non-accredited British Sign Language Courses for those wanting to communicate with Deaf People.

   No8 The Old Bookshop

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The meeting room available offered full access for disabled people, tea and coffee making was available, plus the bonus of free use of the car park.

Room Hirer

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Woodstock at The Rosebery Ale & Cider House Performed by the super talented YvemaryB . Please excuse the shaky camera work. Live music down the local. #SundaySessions

Posted by Charles Daniel Ruddock on Monday, October 5, 2015