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Crying was recorded in February 2020 by Andy Walker, Featuring Yve Mary B on vocal & Tony Brook on guitar. Mastered by Evan Maddox at Elba Studios Alabama. Videographer production by Photografique's Trevor Allen. Photography by's Jim Barrett.

Crying is a song composed and written by the late awesome Roy Orbison. God Bless.

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WNDA has Sarah Cox and many others to thank for being alive in its supportive establishment. Many people volunteer their time to help make the charity a most effective one. With your continual support WNDA can help many good and positive things to create for the deaf and hard of hearing community. A little about WEST NORFOLK DEAF ASSOCIATION

 Hearing Support Service

Enables people to make the most of their hearing aids and manage their hearing loss effectively. Find out more

 No8 The Old Bookshop

West Norfolk Deaf Association, 32b Railway Road, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1NF
Telephone: 01553 773399       Fax: 01553 660483

Woodstock at The Rosebery Ale & Cider House Performed by the super talented YvemaryB . Please excuse the shaky camera work. Live music down the local. #SundaySessions

Posted by Charles Daniel Ruddock on Monday, October 5, 2015