Video Editing @ The Chequers

A mild evening this evening editing the Rain In Starlight video. I say mild as one cycled down hill to the public house and it was a beautiful mild wash away breeze with one miniscule beam brittling the way on a smooth and winding B road. We spent one hour this evening just moving a couple of clip lengths and adjusting some effects and mainly making sure the signing was in the rightful place. We will find out by the sign choir next week if anything is awry! Anyway there is a photo of last night yet again editing... It makes one wonder how fascinating and exuberantly absorbing it may be for folks some less fortunate than myself to see how this edit suite works. A climate where IT is still a measure of impossibility and not even awake in ones mind set. Oh how we wish we can all help each other experience good things. I'd love to see the access and the response on people's faces. Things I am blessed for are the access myself. Just a thought. Random. Signing out YveMaryB Tao 

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