River Ride Mississippi through the Eyes of Intuition developmental composition getting there. 

words Lyrics and music by #yvette mary barwood
Love that land of man
More Than anyone can know
Desperation hit our heart
Deeper than the well of the hungry soul
through  the eyes of intuition
All that we bind to us with
golden threads of steel
are just crystalized illusions
till we find as one were free
to take a ride through the mouth of the Mississippi
so I take a river ride
bound to ride
take that river wide
ah take the river ride / up through Mississippi
That land we love devoted
Make ocean move the wave
Speak of desolation to our heart
into every breath we take
through the eyes of intuition
All that we stand up for
pour rich soil onto bone
carrying the debt of man
hopes to set him free go home
so we/I take river a ride through the heart of the Mississippi
(c g am)
Take a River ride
bound by tide
Take that river ride
ah that river wide / heart of mississippi
Ahhhhh C G D Am C F Am
Where for the land
Can you take me far to come home
Shall I stop my eyes from running
To the cutting deep I’ll go
waiting life is over
Someday soon I ride to make
our freedom
Now I take that river ride

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