Reindeer Ooswolf

Last Thursday 18th saw a swimming evening of galovanting around Norwich city to hit two shows in one evening. I was blessed to be driven in by the lovely Trevor and then blessed some more to hear Shane Olinski play a set before myself. He is a unique soul and a pleasure to play for his collective artist nights.

there were an array of wonderful folks hanging out including Matt nunn the Americana Rockabilly texas Swing and more DJ! Richard Shasamane the most awsome photographer and blogger of live music nights in Norwich. Chris whos name evaded me! Jenny and lots more good souls. I missed Joe Quinns Set as it was time to dash over to the Rose Tavern to sit in on the last few numbers of Jose McGill and Mark Howes set. We stumbled across a few fun harmonies and kicked into gear with a great rendition of Something Wicked with one mic and an unplugged guitar. Norwich nights are some of the best because of their moment to moment feel. It was a joy to bump into Lisa Redford one of Norwichs sweetest productive talented Country Americana artists of Norwich and Henry Greenwood to chit chat about fluid in the ear of all things. Hearing and audible nature seems to be hitting home so much of late. Especially with the Wonderful WNDA Singing Choir and their lovely group of signers taking to the stage at Nico Dobbens Songwriter event in Downham Market (third Wednesday of every month). Anyway here is a photo after the first set at The Reindeer. Everybody loves the Reindeer and Lou and her support for good enjoyable live music.  A Revolution is needed and the Reindeer venue may just be the place to start a new live music transition! Thinking caps on all! 

Big Love

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