Monday night cruise

Tonight I re recorded vocals for Heartlong. Last night was a small doubting time when hearing back the days work. Tonight there was an unleash of real natural vocalization and such and it was good to feel okay with understanding that lifes waves arent always about seeking into the light, but allowing the dark to take its shape unfold and then let itself be alone again to dissolve into the night or light. I am grateful for those moments. Last night I spent some time with my father, sister, brother, mother and friends playing pool at a rather lovely folk night with The Tildens with whom I love and a new young band called Animal Bar. They were a bright loud going somewhere good treat to see unfold. and actually just being simply social. It was quite an event. My father and I have an incredibly intuitive understanding relationship which has underneath between us both seen and felt lots of waves or dark and light shade. even through the hardships of father daughter relationships and what one doesnt need to say and sometimes does need to say, that I see all too often with folks, I am a lucky one in that we are both intuit with each other.  I am certainly one of many billions of children that have had interesting growing pains when it comes to father daughter relationship. Yes there will be times we speak a little harder, but not many through this lifetime. I still have some cleansing and and letting go to do. There are many loving moments to realize from the truth in pain. God loves us all. and so the universe moves through it all so, only expect the best out of everyone because you will always feel it. The best is always there. I guess I understand its ebbs and flows without doubt. Even though I doubt. A brain is very good to flash the torch on addiction to old patterns.  So I can begin to relinquish that fact through being woman enough to face it in the face and bring home the care of whats real. My times of doubting people and trusting people is always and only down to my own control and outlet of experience verses understanding the treasure through adversity and growing up. Anyway the moral goes well, I am guessing that this song Heartlong, is kind of like when you go for a drink with a friend and hope your listening ears can take some of their strain, and also you worry about them on their woe journey times and hope that they make turns for the better in their travels through their adventures. and when you count on a friend to be there when you take the coffee cup. You realise also, the friend is you. 

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