Dictation and recording ideas

So I have been finding over the years that recording ideas in the moment is really useful for seedlings to grow along the line of creative output. Also to have a filing system of folders to store material and style.and formula. I lost my dicttion machine just over a month ago so all my ideas are npw being laid into an ipad unti lsuch time the dictation machine returns with all that lost material... Again I am finding also that my patience for songs to develop and not to not nurture up on the seed or idea over a period of a few weeks is also helpful to my writing. It is great to have ideas, like myself who has a million vibrant creative ideas and inspirations but does not always nurture and perevere eith to allow the whole song to manifest. I was told as a child I was a Dreamer and to be aware in adulthood to become a doer and balance the two. So my attitude at this stage in life is better in taking responsibility for the gift of creativity to manifest into something solid.and manageable for others to receive something good from. It Is my responsibility to balance how I manage my effort my time my courage my musical diplomacy into working for the greater good. If I wish to just release and enjoy the release for my own release then yes an open mic is cool. ( it doesnt end there but as an example, there are many layers to this) If I wish to give something to my community that really feels like the essence is there for the community and not to oneself only, then yes I am to work at my craft and supportĀ  the meaning and take it to the working public life. For it is then an exchange that is naturally worthy of its cause. Money is a form of exchsnge we have created. If I do not enjoy it At All, then it is not for me to utilise on a human level. One must tap into their own passion and bliss in order to serve the greater public. And yes some of that for me can be baking, cleaning, pushing a wheelbarrow, reading to an unwell person, holding a persons elbow to help keep them steady, offer to take a person to town so they can get to be where they need to help themselves themself etc etc etc and it all goes on to endless other simple or complex things that work in my flow of life for the better of all. There Is Give and receive and also a reminder that unless you give to yourself what you REALLY truthfully need in order to grow into a blissful and helpful human you are not in any useful place to give out to someone else. There is a balance in everything. And some yesses are harder than no's and vice versa. That is what makes you improve and grow as an adult. It is all a waking game!!! Just blurbing out loud again. And to the rock we go. We stand, we rock it, oversight oversee, lay over and feel the depth of still solid cold pressure to ensure a great lesson in working on a cold bed of nerves, to sit or squat with heel and raise a focus that plants the limbd into an ether of resistance and existence. To measure ones own worth against the rock. Or are you with the rock

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