Yve Mary B is a rare talent indeed and she is capable of delivering highly emotive songs in several different genres, from blues to folk to country to Americana. The voice of an angel!”

Steve Morphew

A New Emergence

From Bluebird Cafe Nashville & the Royal Festival Hall London to Fine City Blues Norwich

One of the most naturally gifted artists we have in this county

https://acemusicbookingagency.com/yve-mary-b-folk-rock-solo-musician-singer-5-piece-band-norfolk-folk/Reindeer Public House Norfolk 2019: " Yve leading a band to excellent effect. We all know what a super voice she has but I love seeing her as the front person of a band . Yve was with a full band featuring drums, bass, guitars and pedal steel and played a mix of covers and originals, including one or two by her partner Tone Brook.  I loved the sound, a blend of folk, blues and classic era country, a real pleasure to experience this and I can’t wait for the next one." - Richard Shasamane (one our finest photographers of the music scene )

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Songwriter on the road

Songwriter on the road

Yve's 'submergence of musical history has become a bubbling spring for her current creative tapestry. Steeped in session and band collaborations far and wide -mixing Folk rock, dance trance, reggae funk, Indie punk, roots americana, country soul, gospel blues, classical pop, rhythm n blues jazz- and having been an underbelly of inspiration and a great platform for many successful musical artists to date, Yve Mary B has a fresh landscape of her own musical prominence, ignites the Auburn haired cannon ball with a multitude of gem penned songs. Stages like The Grand Ole Opry wil l love her harmonies and presence.

None have seen a finer mix of born and nurtured influences to fill her audiences with a sense of unfolding magical energy,  within such a small creature brings a heck of a punch.


Dont Be Afraid

Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider cover by The Allman Brothers with Mark Dunn on Electric Guitar Stewart Aylmer on Bass Guitar Matt Cantwell on Drums Yve Mary B on Vocals and Electric Guitar

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