Vocal Studio Collaborations

Simon Cox - Musician Drummer Guitarist  Songwriter Composer Producer Engineer DJ


Jake Forder - Musician Guitarist Multi  Synth Composer Arranger Producer Engineer


Trev Turley -Musician Bassist Arranger Producer


Jim Barrett - DJ MC Composer Arranger Photographer 


Leon Barrett -

Drummer Composer


Mr Bassey - Musician Songwriter Co Producer  


NICO Dobben - Musician Songwriter Composer Arranger



Andrew Walker - Musician Guitarist Songwriter Producer Engineer


Sam Coe -

Musician Guitarist Pianist Songwriter  Composer Arranger  Director 


Chris Short - Musician Fiddle Mandolin saw harp Composer Arranger Producer Engineer Cinematographer 


Mark Dunn - Musician Lap Steel Multi Instrumentalist Songwriter Composer Arranger Producer Engineer 


Jerry Seaton - Musician Guitarist Songwriter  Composer Arranger Producer  


George Nicholson - Producer Lyricist Facilitator Director


LUKE - Musician Producer  Engineer Composer Radio show host


Ido Tavori - Musician Composer Arranger Producer Engineer 


Jamie Grainger - Musician Guitarist Multi Songwriter Composer Arranger Producer






Bell Bottom Blues from the Cherish Ever Legacy Album Trev Turley & Friends

A personal and private release, limited to just 100 copies. Vocals Yve Mary B, Harmony Lauren Dove, Guitar Mark Howes, Acoustic Guitar Yve Mary B, Hammond Andy Cooper, Drums Glen 'Bo' Buck, Bass Trev Turley, Recorded @ Rooks Yard Recording Studios

Be Here Now ~ Lets Get Out Of Here

This song was composed melodically in a short window of time... A place in the gut took it. You are welcome to enjoy it! And thank you for being part of our (meaning you and all) journey. God Bless you.

The hopes for this one is it turns into a mellow dance beat track too.. Watch the space.

A good friend who runs The Levee Studios in Elba AL mastered the track. I owe a huge mansion of cheesecake to you Evan!

You Can ~ Collaboration

You Can has taken a while to unfold. A word from Mr Bassey himself! 

"I'm from Oron, Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria but I am based in Abuja the federal capital of Nigeria. A gospel minister I have written more than 300 songs and have recorded more than 30 songs including one that was featured by one of Nigerian's  popular gospel artists, 'Solomon Lange' and has shared the stage with some great gospel ministers like Samsong, Eben, Sammy Okposo.''

Mr Bassey started writing songs around 2003, he was inspired by Kirk Franklin and Ron Kenoly and started recording songs in 2008 and ended up with his debut album in 2012. This song "YOU CAN" is a song that tell everyone that with the right mindset, with the right attitude, with the right decision, you can find your way to the top. "When I had this song in my mind I was like, this song need a powerful female voice and I had Yve Mary Barwood as my Facebook friend for a while, so I just decided to take a Faith walk by contacting her and guess what? She replied and gave me hope, so I kept on pestering and reminding her until she finally agreed to do the song even with her tight schedule and today here we are with this amazing song. This song is produced by Pastor Courage at Courageous Record, he is a good friend of mine and also a gospel minister. This is a very big project for me and I want to say a big thank you to Yve Mary Barwood, Yes We Can." 

I did not wish to try and rush co creating something without giving it my true consideration and fuller self to it. I have a lot to learn still and this collaboration has taught me a good lesson in being in the moment, and really has come at a time when the lyrics and feel, have given me great hope and focus and I do hope it can encourage any of you to allow yourselves to take space and go find your faith walk and do it.

Thank You to Mr Bassey, Pastor Courage and all involved in making this song happen. 

The video is another wonderful part to come...

Crying ~ Roy Orbison

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