Hey all ... Trekstop News

Hi all, here is hoping everyone is well and enjy the new spring season!


Yesterday we went live on Blackfrog Presents via our facebook pages.

You can watch the relaxed originals show here (two covers - Duane…



Well it is a thing.

Taking song requests is a thing in itself. A whole new yolk. Loving it. It is giving, it is work, it is love, it is community, it is social, it is loyal, it is…

Family for music 

Something Ive realised over the years. Is that the music community is a big part of my family. Thank you.

Would you believe, my Father lives for his Saturday music hub night with family and friends. And golf:D But…

BBC Radio Norfolk Life on the coast Show Mon 2nd Dec

What a lovely session. Gary the producer, Sam the host, Dylan the tech man and all the lovely internal team at the forum.

We played Leap of Faith off the album which you can buy here:


Been a while Nov 25th Blakeney & Norwich


Hey there fellow music lovers! this life goes and goes doesnt it! Blessed.

I had a fabulous opening gig with Dont Spook The Horse Neil Young Tribute Band at the Blakeney Harbour Rooms on Nov 22nd. This band…

Reindeer Ooswolf

Last Thursday 18th saw a swimming evening of galovanting around Norwich city to hit two shows in one evening. I was blessed to be driven in by the lovely Trevor and then blessed some more to hear Shane Olinski play…

Video Editing @ The Chequers

A mild evening this evening editing the Rain In Starlight video. I say mild as one cycled down hill to the public house and it was a beautiful mild wash away breeze with one miniscule beam brittling the way on…


Thursdayz Truck Stop Day

Thursday was a plush brightness with zigzags of honeydew and ripe feathers that strain inside the lines of speed life. One drank coffee at midday at Mr Alex Becks and we discovered the best form of music practice is beginning…


Monday night cruise

Tonight I re recorded vocals for Heartlong. Last night was a small doubting time when hearing back the days work. Tonight there was an unleash of real natural vocalization and such and it was good to feel okay with understanding…


Dictation and recording ideas

So I have been finding over the years that recording ideas in the moment is really useful for seedlings to grow along the line of creative output. Also to have a filing system of folders to store material and style.and…


Songs on a journey 

Today is Away Tonight. Song written about three weeks or so ago a bout loved one dying in the bed and advising the living love


Buckle and Boots Country Festival June 25 2017

Todays breakfast. We stopped at a farm cafe on the left heafing away from Kings Lynn on the A17. The cafe was glorifying Normandie. And John Deer MotorHikes. And what looled like n old two stroke Triumph that WW travellers…