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Right from jump, Yve Mary B’s rendition of Roy Orbison’s classic “Crying” had us sitting up and taking notice of her pure unfiltered singing ability. Her hushed version of the song––its sparse arrangement and the singer’s abilty to meet the demands of its high notes––allows the meaning to truly hit home. “Don’t Be Afraid” shifts to a much higher energy and a full arrangement that includes backup singers and a nice guitar solo in a song whose inspirational and optimistic message would be right at home in the church/praise-music genre. Yve Mary B shows her country-pop chops on “High On A Mountain” with a big, twangy production. This U.K.-based singer-songwriter is a multi-dimensional talent.

~"Music Connection Magazine"~

Washington Summer Feat Chris Short & Tony Brook

Washington Summer  

Tony Brook and Chris Short both feature on it stunningly.

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God Bless and let the good times roll!



Bell Bottom Blues from the Cherish Ever Legacy Album Trev Turley & Friends

A personal and private release, limited to just 100 copies. Vocals Yve Mary B, Harmony Lauren Dove, Guitar Mark Howes, Acoustic Guitar Yve Mary B, Hammond Andy Cooper, Drums Glen 'Bo' Buck, Bass Trev Turley, Recorded @ Rooks Yard Recording Studios

Be Here Now ~ Lets Get Out Of Here

This song was composed melodically in a short window of time... A place in the gut took it. You are welcome to enjoy it! And thank you for being part of our (meaning you and all) journey. God Bless you.

The hopes for this one is it turns into a mellow dance beat track too.. Watch the space.

A good friend who runs The Levee Studios in Elba AL mastered the track. I owe a huge mansion of cheesecake to you Evan!

You Can ~ Collaboration

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